I'm In Love With A Church Girl

Galley Molina

Writer & Executive Producer

Galley Molina is the Founder and CEO of Reverence Gospel Media, LLC. For more than 25 years, Molina has been involved in every facet of the entertainment industry. Early in his career, Molina toured with chart-topping artists, signed his first recording contract, and released his first single. He later began writing and producing music for several prestigious acts in the music industry, working on dozens of gold and platinum records. After branching into the home video market, Molina produced a series of highly successful comedy and music documentary DVD’s. The biggest change in Galley’s life came after meeting a real-life “church girl” and developing a deep and abiding faith. This new faith completely changed his path in both life and business, and an unmistakable call on his life led Galley to become an ordained Pastor. He then redirected the focus of his career, forming Reverence Gospel Media (RGM) to create God-glorifying, life-impacting projects across the widest possible creative spectrum. Shortly after founding RGM, Molina met Grammy Award-winner Israel Houghton, who took on roles as both Executive Producer of “Church Girl” and Producer on the film’s soundtrack. Molina and Houghton soon merged their two companies to form a new powerhouse multimedia firm, RGM/New Breed, where the two will collaborate on all of the company’s projects, including film, television, publishing and music. The pair won their first Grammy together (Houghton’s fifth) with their very first release – Israel’s “Jesus At The Center,” and received worldwide acclaim for “Revealing Jesus,” a live CD/DVD from Christian music legend Darlene Zschech. Molina and Houghton have also co-written scripts for RGM’s next three films. “I’m In Love With A Church Girl,” RGM’s first full-length motion picture, opens across the U.S. on October 18, 2013.  Galley believes that everything he does – as Pastor or Producer – is part of his personal ministry and must reflect his commitment to his faith. “They’re one in the same. We each have one life and what we do each day becomes our testimony.”  Galley’s personal story is powerful and unique, and “I’m in Love with a Church Girl,” is based on true events from his life. By opening his life to the world, all of his past experiences, relationships, trials and mistakes now lend themselves to the creation of a movie and company dedicated to telling faith-centered stories that will lift people up. Galley still finds time to faithfully serve week after week at his home church.